Boum Boum is the selection of cocktails that drives you in all the moments of life and brings you joy and conviviality.


Original creation of Boum Boum, the Caramelo is born from the union of cream and caramel, offering an atypical and generous cocktail.

Conseil de dégustation: A déguster nature ou avec un trait de Café-Rhum Boum Boum.

A 14° d’alcool Disponible  70cl et 100cl


The Piñacolada Boom Boom brings together the fruitiness of pineapple, the smoothness of coconut cream and the character of Caribbean rum to create a tasty blend to be enjoyed chilled.

Conseil de dégustation:

A déguster bien frais

A 14° d’alcool Disponible  70cl et 100cl


Boum Boum innovates to offer an authentic and incomparable recipe: the Tropicolada. Sublimating the flavors of mango, fruit and papaya, this creamy rum-based cocktail reveals all the richness of exotic fruits...

Conseil de dégustation: Servir sur glace, en toute simplicité

A 14° d’alcool Disponible  70cl et 100cl


Boum Boum revisits the authentic recipe of this legendary cocktail combining the freshness of mint, the tanginess of lime, the intensity of rum and the sweetness of sugar.

Conseil de dégustation : À allonger d’eau gazeuse sur glace pilée..

A 14° d’alcool Disponible  70cl et 100cl


Create new boom Boom, the fabulous mixture that combines strength and softness. This drink is based on the strength of the bark millennium is the cinnamon.

Conseil de dégustation:

A déguster nature sur glace

A 14° d’alcool Disponible  70cl et 100cl


Drawing original boom Boom, the Coffee-rum is produced from blends bold flavors of coffee and the intensity of the rum, creating a unique and energizing.

Conseil de dégustation:

A consommer frais et nature, ou allongé de Caramelo Boum Boum

A 45° d’alc pour100cl et 37,5° pour 70cl

Our drinks will make you travel around the world : enjoy the delicious creations that will surely awaken your senses. The explorers boom Boom tell the story of our famous cocktails...

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The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. Consume with moderation.

C'est a partir d'ingrédients savoureux
que nos recettes sont élaborées...