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Boum Boum is a range of spirits and cocktails made with love, created through the merger of new and original recipes from all around the world. It is also a boxer with a big heart, a legendary figure browsing the world according to his fights. Much more than victories, he seeks in his travels the discovery of new cultures and the inspiration for the creation of recipes of this range of flavors... This site invites you to discover, through its meetings and its anecdotes, the history of this extraordinary personage, as well as the cocktails and spirits to which it gave birth ...

Popeye had his spinach,
our boxer have BOUM BOUM


Original creation of Boum Boum, the Caramelo is born from the union of cream and caramel, proposing an atypical and generous cocktail.


Piñacolada Boum Boum combines the fruitiness of pineapple, the creaminess of coconut cream and the character of Caribbean rum to create a tasty mix to be enjoyed fresh !


Boum Boum innovates to propose an authentic and incomparable recipe: the Tropicolada. Sublimating the flavors of mangoes, fruits and papayas, this smooth rum-based cocktail reveals the richness of exotic fruits …


Mojito Boum Boum Ready-to-Drink offers a balanced blend of mint, lime and rum, all enhanced by an explosion of fine bubbles.


If the beautiful Venice owes its worldwide fame to its gondolas and canals, the Spritz is also a major emblem of this romantic city.


The Gin & Tonic is a bridge between East and West, between British tradition and Indian exoticism.



Boum Boum revisits the authentic recipe of this legendary cocktail combining the freshness of mint, the acidity of lime, the intensity of rum and the sweetness of sugar.


Lychee is characterized by its freshness and sweetness. By grasping its two natural characteristics, liqueur Litchi Boum Boum sublimate your cocktails with its fruity and sweet taste.


Original production Boum Boum, the Café-rhum comes from the daring blend of coffee flavors and rum intensity, creating a unique and energizing mix.

It is from natural & tasty ingredients that our recipes are elaborated ...

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