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Boom Boom is the brand of cocktails that accompanies you in all moments of life and brings you happiness and conviviality


Original creation of Boum Boum, the Caramelo is born from the union of cream and caramel, proposing an atypical and generous cocktail.


Piñacolada Boum Boum combines the fruitiness of pineapple, the creaminess of coconut cream and the character of Caribbean rum to create a tasty mix to be enjoyed fresh !


Boum Boum innovates to propose an authentic and incomparable recipe: the Tropicolada. Sublimating the flavors of mangoes, fruits and papayas, this smooth rum-based cocktail reveals the richness of exotic fruits …


Boum Boum revisits the authentic recipe of this legendary cocktail combining the freshness of mint, the acidity of lime, the intensity of rum and the sweetness of sugar.


Original production Boum Boum, the Café-rhum comes from the daring blend of coffee flavors and rum intensity, creating a unique and energizing mix.

Our drinks take you around the world: savor delicious creations that will awaken your senses. Explorers Boom Boom tell you the story of our famous cocktails ...

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Drink responsibly.